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June 1, 2014
10 yearsago

Dental Care at the Office

Your Westchester NY Dentist, Dr. Chi Fu, wants to ensure patients understand the importance of brushing their teeth throughout the day. We brush in the morning and we brush at night, but brushing our teeth at the office?

A recent study highlighted the importance of brushing our teeth while at the workplace. During the day a majority of people eat twice while at the office. Between meals, coffee, and snacks, plaque is left lingering on our teeth which can lead to loss in tooth enamel, gum disease, and tooth loss. Dentists recommend leaving an extra toothbrush at the office to boost your chance of brushing. A smile is the first thing most people notice about their co-workers. Keep yours looking sharp by brushing up at the office and having your teeth cleaned by your favorite Westchester NY Dentist, Dr. Chi Fu.


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