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Category: Dental implants

January 25, 2022
1 yearago

There are many ways to replace missing teeth, but dental implants are the most effective, long-lasting way to complete an incomplete smile. If you have one or more missing teeth, you could get a dental bridge or a partial denture – both strong, effective dental restorations – but a dental implant will give you the natural look you want and the fully functional smile you deserve.

December 9, 2019
3 yearsago

dental implants rye ny dentist chester hill dentistryWhen you are missing teeth, every day of your life is affected by their absence. Eating, speaking, smiling – your ability to do all these things and your self-consciousness while doing them are impacted by missing teeth. Dental implants fill in the blanks so your smile looks natural and is super-strong so you never have to worry about the stability of your teeth ever again. (more…)

August 31, 2018
5 yearsago

reasons you need dental implants rye ny dentistTeeth can be lost in a trauma or accident. Gum disease can cause loose teeth that eventually fall out. And some permanent teeth never erupt. Whatever the cause of a missing tooth, there are bigger problems in play than an unsightly hole in your smile. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is a smart, long-lasting, natural-looking solution that keeps your teeth healthy. (more…)


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