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June 13, 2016
8 yearsago

Defeat Decay With Your Westchester NY Dentist

One of the top causes of issues for not only the patients of your Westchester NY dentist Dr. Fu but of dental patients everywhere is decay. Decay is the number one chronic childhood illness worldwide and can grow worse over time, resulting is disease, structural damage and much more if untreated.

In order to understand more about dental decay, today we will be taking a look at what it is, some ways to prevent it and some facts you may have never considered before about it.

So what is decay?

It is caused by oral bacteria and plaque, a microfilm that builds up on the teeth over time. These issues all usually go hand in hand in the erosion of the enamel, formation of cavities, gum disease and more- and typically stem from two things: diet and regimen.

By eating or drinking too many sugary dietary options, you can be feeding the bad bacteria in your mouth that produce acids. These acids then eat away at the teeth, causing all of the problems listed above and more.

Your at-home oral health regimen plays into this because it is the ultimate way to defeat all of the above factors. By brushing and flossing daily, you can be removing harmful particles between the teeth that can result in plaque, as well eliminating oral bacteria. Make sure to brush twice and floss once daily for at least two minutes per session, while utilizing proper technique, to see the best results.

If you do not choose to brush, floss or eat healthy, dental decay can result in some serious consequences:

  • Malnourishment. Bacterial Infections.
  • General oral pain that can lead to concentration issues or stress, especially in children.
  • Speech impediments or problems eating certain foods.
  • A dental disease that could be developed into heart disease, diabetes, stroke and more.
  • Ultimately, and unfortunately, we know that many of the above issues lead to death as well- the most severe consequence you can imagine.

Save yourself from bodily harm at the hands of decay by maintaining a proper at-home oral health regimen, eating right and keeping appointments with your dentist in Westchester NY. You can schedule an appointment by calling (914) 939-2132.


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