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March 13, 2016
8 yearsago

Westchester NY Dentist With Facts that Roll off the Tongue

As a Westchester NY Dentist, Dr. Fu doesn’t only take care of your teeth- he treats and helps with the health of your whole mouth! Your oral cavity is a highly integrated system that aids in the essential tasks of speech and eating/swallowing, and if one small area is impacted- the whole thing can be. With that in mind, today we will be sharing with you a few interesting facts about the often overlooked, but never underused portions of your mouth known as the tongue and the taste buds!

  • Different areas of the tongue sense different tastes. Various spots across the tongue sense sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory all differently. The sides of the tongue are usually more sensitive and the back of the tongue is more reactive to a bitter sensation.
  • The average human tongue is 3 inches long. It is measured from the tip to a piece of cartilage at the back of the tongue, called the epiglottis. Men usually have longer tongues than a woman, at 3.3 inches compared to 3.1. The record for the longest tongue in the world, which doesn’t actually belong to Gene Simmons, is held by an American man with a tongue that is 3.1 inches!\
  • Your tongue is an amalgamation of different muscles- not just one! It has 8 different muscles altogether that intertwine and work together. It is also the only muscle that works away from the skeleton!
  • Your tongue says a lot about your health. Either we or a physician can identify issues such as vitamin deficiencies, oral cancer, diabetes, yeast infections, scarlet fever and more just be looking at the appearance of your tongue.
  • Average adult tongues have between 2000 and 4000 taste buds covering them. The cells within the taste bud responsible for how we perceive tastes can renew themselves every week!

For more information on how your tongue and taste buds play into your overall oral health, or to have us examine them for you, schedule an appointment with your Westchester NY dentist today by calling (914) 939-2132.

March 13, 2016
8 yearsago

Greenwich CT Cosmetic Dentist Shows how to Protect Your Teeth from Sugar Cravings

Having a sweet tooth can be enjoyable, but it can also be extremely dangerous to your teeth. Treats, chocolates, desserts and candies are tasty and delicious, usually accompanied after a dinner, and can satisfy your craving. But your Greenwich CT cosmetic dentist wants all patients, young and old, to know why it’s important to curb your sweet tooth so you can protect your smile no matter what!

Even if you’re not consuming a lot of sweets and desserts, your diet could still be full of sugary foods and drinks that you enjoy on a daily basis. We want to help you fight your sugar intake, so we’ll be discussing some tips that can help your teeth and your overall health, as well.

Check the Labels
If you’re trying to protect your teeth from the craving of sugar, it’s important to check as many labels as you can. Although it may seem tedious, your health will thank you! There are constantly products that add unnecessary sugar (like bread and condiments), so notice the everyday food items that you consume on a daily basis.

Don’t be Tempted
Sweets are always tempting, no matter what age you are! It’s harder for some more than others, but most people have a difficult time ignoring harmful treats since they’re easily accessible. This goes for bags of chips, small candies, and other equally easy snacks. If you’re one to eat in between meals, try to bring in your own healthy snacks like assorted fruits and vegetables.

Cut it Out – Completely!
Some of the best advice that people can follow who enjoy too much sugar is to cut it out of your diet completely. Sugary foods and drinks, whether they’re specified as candy or not, can be difficult to limit, so it may be easier to remove it altogether. Sugar can be extremely addicting, so elimination can be the key.

Taming your sweet tooth can be tough, but your Greenwich CT cosmetic dentist knows that you can do it for the sake of your smile! To continue keeping your teeth healthy and strong, schedule an appointment with our office today by calling (914) 939-2132.

March 13, 2016
8 yearsago

Westchester NY Dentist on that Clean Brush Feeling

Your Westchester NY dentist knows what it takes to battle germs and bacteria in and outside of our office walls. It takes a balance of the right tools, techniques, and substances to achieve sterile environments, and to make sure that you don’t suffer the consequences because of it. Germs can cause everything from a cold to gum disease, yet despite your best efforts, bacteria can be persistent and all-surrounding no matter what you do.

One of the tools that we mentioned first above is something you use (or should use) on a daily basis: your toothbrush! And while you can utilize this amazing technology twice a day for at least two minutes per session to defeat oral bacteria, disease, and other detriments- what can be done about the other 1435 minutes it sits idle during the day?

  • Rinse your brush using hot water after your regimen to remove any lingering debris.
  • Store the brush upright in a container that allows for open air flow.
  • Let the brush dry completely before next usage and don’t allow it to contact other surfaces.
  • Replace the brush every three to four months.
  • Do not share your toothbrush with anyone, even close relatives or significant others.

Follow these simple steps related to your at-home regimen and you will see your brush is in top shape for tackling all sorts of oral health issues, day in and out. Of course, no regimen is complete without regular visits to your Westchester NY dentist! Call our office today to schedule your next visit at (914) 939-2132.

March 13, 2016
8 yearsago

Rye Brook NY Dentist Provides Historic Information about Our Ancestors’ Teeth

We’ve come a long way in terms of evolution, but have you ever wondered how our teeth have progressed, as well? Our smiles have gone through a lot and still do to this day, even with all of the advances in technology that is at our disposal. Your Rye Brook NY dentist wants to share some history about the way our teeth have molded to how they look now.

The most common fossils of our ancestors, also known as hominin, are mostly teeth since they’re the hardest part of the human body. This provides a lot of helpful information of the time period that they’re from, their diet and more. As humans continued to evolve, the teeth actually shrink. It’s most noticeable in the teeth in the back, which are your wisdom teeth. Nowadays, because of the work done to wisdom teeth over a period of time, most wisdom teeth are extremely small and in some cases, not even developed. But with hominins, their wisdom teeth were about two to four times larger than that.

The reason that modern human’s teeth have shrunk is because of the professional work that has been done over the years, molding smiles in the future.

There are also other speculations and ideas for the shift, literally and figuratively, in our teeth. Click here to read more about what researchers and scientists have to say about these fossils.

Make sure you’re always taking care of your smile by visiting your Rye Brook NY dentist! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment by calling (914) 939-2132.

March 13, 2016
8 yearsago

Rye Brook NY Dentist Explains the Structure of Your Smile

Keeping up with your smile may seem like an easy thing to do, but there are more threats against your teeth than you realize. This is why patients make appointments with your Rye Brook NY dentist. Not every risk that can potentially harm your teeth is obvious, so it’s important to keep up with regularly scheduled appointments in order to make sure your teeth are being properly taken care of. Let’s go into detail about some of the conditions that can affect your teeth so we can learn more.

  • Cavities:

    This is one of the most common issues that patients, young and old, deal with in terms of their smile. This is due to harmful eating habits and lack of brushing and flossing. Cavities destroy the surface of your teeth, called the enamel, and can travel deeper into the tooth and cause damage. They usually occur on the teeth in the rear of the mouth.

  • Tooth Decay:

    This is rapidly becoming one of the prominent dangers in patients and their smile. With the rise in tooth decay, one of the most preventable diseases around, patients are putting themselves at risk for a multitude of other problems like gum disease and even tooth loss.

  • Sensitivity:

    Due to wear and tear on your teeth from harmful foods and drinks, your smile can become sensitive to things like cold beverages, a harsh wind, even a hot sandwich. This is due to a weak and thin enamel that hasn’t been taken care of by the help of your saliva, toothpaste and water.

Learn more about these dental problems, as well as the structure and function of your teeth by clicking here. Make sure you’re also keeping up with your appointments to your Rye Brook NY dentist by calling our office today at (914) 939-2132.


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