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March 4, 2015
9 yearsago

Cosmetic Dentist in Westchester NY Gets You Ready for Your Big Day

Your cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY knows that timing can sometimes be everything. Rather you have a business trip coming in a few months, a wedding in a year, family reunion or performance just around the corner- you want to have your teeth be there best. Below we review a few of the most popular types of cosmetic corrections we specialize in that you can apply to your teeth, all with regard to how long you have before your big event.

When you just booked a performance and you have only a month to be at your most stunning, teeth whitening is an affordable and quick option to make your smile stand out. We offer in-office procedures and take-home whitening kits that can help much more effectively than the in-store whitening toothpastes. With just one to two visits to the office or wearing trays overnight a couple nights a week, you could see the shade of your teeth, no matter how they got that way, brightening substantially.

If you don’t want to sport a gap in your teeth while attending a family reunion that is about a half a year away, dental implants could be an option to consider. Utilizing the latest in dental technology, implants are quickly overcoming dentures as a means of replacing missing teeth. It works by fusing a titanium post to the bone and tissue of your mouth, then attaching a natural looking false tooth to that post. Due to the need for the materials involved to become properly adjusted to their new environment, this process may take a few trips to the cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY, but is well worth it. Implants are a sure way to get the most accurate appearance, bite and feel of a natural tooth, like never before.

The big day is coming up in about a year or two, and you have some issues to straighten out (with your teeth) before you say “I do.” Invisible or clear braces, such as Invisalign, are great alternative treatments to teeth straightening, compared to the original metal braces. Improved aesthetic appeal, shorter treatment time and fewer means of device-related injury all make clear braces an up and coming orthodontic must-have.

While your cosmetic dentist in Westchester can help you prepare for your big day in the above procedures, amongst many more, the first step to getting there is setting an appointment. To do so, please call (914) 939-2132 today.

March 3, 2015
9 yearsago

Dentist in Greenwich CT Helps Fight Periodontal Problems

As a dentist in Greenwich CT, we see plenty of patients that have issues related to periodontics, their gums, day in and day out. The gums play such an essential role in the overall health of the mouth and even the entire body. Without healthy gums, you could have a diminished structure in the teeth- and that could result in losing said teeth outright. If the gums are not flossed well enough, bacteria can even sneak into the pockets of the gum line and enter the bloodstream and affect the heart.

Where these “higher level” issues all seem to stem from is bleeding gums. Usually a bleeding while flossing or brushing is the first sign something is wrong, and we are here today to tell you a few issues that could be a leading cause of this first step.

The number one cause of bleeding gums is a poor oral health regimen. Without participating in the twice daily brushing and once daily flossing rituals that are recommended by your dentist in Greenwich CT, you could be doing harm to your whole body. As a result of a lack of a frequency or improper technique, tartar and plaque can build up, causing inflammation and pain, eventually leading to bleeding at a simple touch.

Vitamin deficiencies have also been linked to bleeding gums, but can be easy to resolve. By eating more fruits and vegetables, you can gain vitamin C, which is essential to total body health. Vitamin K, which helps the body with clotting, is usually reproduced naturally inside the gut. If you take antibiotics for an extended period of time, however, it could be killing the possibility of this vitamin from flourishing.

Lastly, crooked teeth or trauma to the gums can cause bleeding as well. With misaligned teeth, brushing is not as easy, leading to some more “aggressive” habits in cleaning, which can be detrimental. In general, such aggressive techniques, even if not related to crooked teeth, can result in bleeding too. Make sure to use a soft-bristled brush that you replace every 3-4 months, and not to scrub too hard, no matter the circumstance.

Bleeding gums are certainly a first step in recognizing a slew of larger scale oral hygiene issues, but are typically preventable and can be healed. Maintain regular appointments with your dentist in Greenwich CT by calling (914) 939-2132 to ensure you’re keeping your gums, teeth and whole body healthy!

March 2, 2015
9 yearsago

Dentist in Greenwich CT talks Teeth Grinding

We all know the sounds that can make us grind our teeth a bit. Nails on the chalkboard…the car screeching…the high pitched frequencies that make our pets head cock to the side. All of these rather unpleasant noises can cause us to stress momentarily and force teeth grinding… but if you suffer from Bruxism, the grind can go on indefinitely. Your Dentist in Greenwich CT is here to offer you some symptoms, effects and treatments for chronic teeth grinding- also known as Bruxism.

As alluded to earlier, most teeth grinding can be the result of stress. Many times patients will subconsciously perform this act even while sleeping…for it works as a way for the body to quite literally grind the stress of the day away.

If you wake up (or in general) and notice your teeth are worn down or short looking, suffer from chronic headaches, or you hear new popping or clicking sounds in your jaw, you may be grinding your teeth and not even knowing it.

Bruxism can lead to less surface area for the teeth to chew, making it more difficult to eat. Chronic facial/sinus pain and headaches can also be a result of too much teeth grinding. It also has not been unheard of for teeth to loosen or crack due to the stress that could be put on them.

The good news to take away from this “grind” is that there are quite attainable solutions to your problem. By wearing a mouth guard while sleeping, you could reduce grinding that you may not even be consciously participating in. Some patients will even have their jaw or teeth re-aligned to help stop their habit. There are also certain behavior modifiers, such as mouth exercises and various stress relief tactics that have been proven to halt teeth grinding in its tracks.

If you suffer from any of the above or feel you may show the signs of Bruxism, contact your Dentist in Greenwich CT today by calling (914) 939-2132.

March 1, 2015
9 yearsago

Westchester NY Dentist Dishes out Foods to Avoid

As your Westchester NY dentist, we always have the health of your whole mouth in mind. One of the biggest players when it comes to preventing and maintenance of a successful smile is your diet. The food and beverage you consume day in and day out may satisfy a craving or give you the boost you need, but the effects it may have on your teeth could be not worth it. Here are five food choices you should avoid or try to cut back on in order to maintain an amazing smile:

Though advertised as the ultimate “thirst-quenchers” for your workout, your sports drinks could be too sugary to bare. While some brands can include vitamins and other nutrients into their drinks, make sure to check the sugar content as well. It may not be worth sweating over the dental damage being done by these instead of just choosing water for your physical activities.

Sticky foods can cause all sorts of havoc in your mouth as well. Many people would think trail mix or dried fruits to be a great dietary option, but they can literally stick around in your mouth a lot longer. And the longer they stick around, the more harm they can create. Make sure to have some water and brush or floss after consumption to get all the particles out.

One of the most commonly consumed unhealthy beverages without a doubt is soda. Soda is very sugary and sugary means plaque. These bacteria can create acids that eat away at your teeth and also dry your mouth out. If not possible to abstain from soda, follow one up with some water at least.

Another fairly regular mouth-foe would be candy. Not only can candy have the same sugary and detrimental effects as soda, but can also cause chipping due to how hard it is. Try sugarless alternatives, if possible, and avoid biting down to ensure a sustained sweet smile.

Lastly, a coffee every once and a while is not the worst for you in its natural form. When sugar and other ingredients are added or consumed too frequently- decay and staining can be the caffeinated catastrophe that results.

Avoiding or cutting back on these dietary detriments, alongside daily at-home tooth care and regular appointments with your Westchester NY dentist are the best ways to ensure you have a bright smile. Make an appointment today by calling (914) 939-2132.


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