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March 2, 2015
8 yearsago

Dentist in Greenwich CT talks Teeth Grinding

We all know the sounds that can make us grind our teeth a bit. Nails on the chalkboard…the car screeching…the high pitched frequencies that make our pets head cock to the side. All of these rather unpleasant noises can cause us to stress momentarily and force teeth grinding… but if you suffer from Bruxism, the grind can go on indefinitely. Your Dentist in Greenwich CT is here to offer you some symptoms, effects and treatments for chronic teeth grinding- also known as Bruxism.

As alluded to earlier, most teeth grinding can be the result of stress. Many times patients will subconsciously perform this act even while sleeping…for it works as a way for the body to quite literally grind the stress of the day away.

If you wake up (or in general) and notice your teeth are worn down or short looking, suffer from chronic headaches, or you hear new popping or clicking sounds in your jaw, you may be grinding your teeth and not even knowing it.

Bruxism can lead to less surface area for the teeth to chew, making it more difficult to eat. Chronic facial/sinus pain and headaches can also be a result of too much teeth grinding. It also has not been unheard of for teeth to loosen or crack due to the stress that could be put on them.

The good news to take away from this “grind” is that there are quite attainable solutions to your problem. By wearing a mouth guard while sleeping, you could reduce grinding that you may not even be consciously participating in. Some patients will even have their jaw or teeth re-aligned to help stop their habit. There are also certain behavior modifiers, such as mouth exercises and various stress relief tactics that have been proven to halt teeth grinding in its tracks.

If you suffer from any of the above or feel you may show the signs of Bruxism, contact your Dentist in Greenwich CT today by calling (914) 939-2132.


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