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April 3, 2015
8 yearsago

Cosmetic Dentist Westchester NY on Mouth Vigilance

As not only a cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY, but as a dentist, in general, our office recommends that all patients set up twice yearly dental cleanings and exams with us. The idea of these appointments is to get all of the “hard to reach” stuff with our special tools and to diagnose and then take steps towards treating problems before they develop further. We understand and have seen that sometimes in between these 6 month intervals, other problems can arise and you may ponder to yourself, “Can’t this just wait until my cleaning date?”

In the following blog, we will discuss a few signs or symptoms of potentially greater damaging dental issues that you should NOT ignore, and instead should make an appointment with us sooner, rather than later.

The first sign to be aware of is bad breath. While bad breath may stem from something as innocent as a going too heavy on the garlic at lunch, it can also be an indicator of other dental issues. Gum disease, teeth decay or abscess, even oral infections have been linked to original symptoms of bad breath. It may also be a sign that you are not properly brushing or flossing daily, leaving behind particles that not only cause the stench, but can thus result in the decay and other issues listed previously.

A loose tooth may be common place for those young ones shedding their first set of teeth, for older adults, it can be not as natural. Loose teeth can often be the result of serious gum disease or in a worst case scenario, oral cancer. Of course other events, such as trauma to the mouth, can cause loose teeth- but all of these scenarios still beckon the need to visit your cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY fairly soon.

Lastly, any long term sores, pain or swelling of the mouth can also be indicators of more seriousissues. All of these can be a sign that the mouth is suffering from infection, disease, decay or worse. And while all of these issues seem like they might not be able to get much worse- they can. They can all lead to whole body health issues such as heart or lung problems, jaw or structural issues and tooth loss…all of which no one wants to suffer through.

While some of these issues may be hard to notice yourself (bad breath in particular), you should stay vigilant over the health of your mouth at all times. If you have any questions about unusual or potentially unhealthy oral health problems, make sure to contact your cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY at (914) 939-2132 as soon as possible.


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