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April 6, 2015
8 yearsago

Dentist in Greenwich CT on Taming Your Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity is one of the most commonly addressed issues that patients discuss with your dentist in Greenwich CT. While there are not an overwhelming amount of options available in fixing some of the issues related to sensitive teeth, there are many more to be spoken for in the realm of prevention. Today we will be looking at how to avoid that stinging tooth pain, what causes it, and some of the products designed to curb the ache brought on by it.

To identify prevention methods relating to sensitive teeth, we must first know what causes them. In the center of all your teeth, you have nerves, and just as the rest of the nerves in your body, they transmit signals to our brains for what we feel- including pain. After years of exposure to sugars and acids that eat away at the enamel, the protective layer of the teeth, microscopic holes in the teeth can form and be a channel right to the nerve. This will mean that any food or drink, hot, cold, sour, sweet, can become a trigger of that shooting pain in our mouth instantaneously.

Now, in terms of prevention, a constant and proper at-home oral health regimen is the best way to prevent sensitive teeth. Brush twice daily, use floss and make regular appointments with your dentist in Greenwich CT and your likelihood of teeth sensitivity issues drops substantially.

But remember some of the triggers mentioned previously? As many things, your diet plays into your oral health more than most of us could ever imagine. That ice cold glass of soda that brings you tooth pain now? Well, it could have been all that soda and its sugar and acid levels that wore away the enamel in the first place. The same goes for several other dietary factors for which there may never be enough blog-space to properly list them all.

But what to do about your tooth sensitivity right NOW? When headed to the pharmacy to find a “quick-fix” to your pain, a variety of products will be at your fingertips. From sensitive teeth toothpaste to mouthwashes, gels and more- the possibilities may seem endless. Just be aware that all these products really do is temporarily numb the area of the pain, and do not fix it.

The only way to accurately address your sensitive teeth issues is to make an appointment with your dentist in Greenwich CT by calling (914) 939-2132 today.


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