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September 13, 2015
7 yearsago

Cosmetic Dentist in Westchester NY on Definition

As the top cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY, Dr. Fu is often answering questions from curious patients about what sets cosmetic dentistry apart…what makes it so popular. So in order to help explain what he has dedicated his life to so diligently, today Dr. Fu is here to explain all about the practice, the art of cosmetic dentistry!

To begin, we must first understand what cosmetic dentistry is at the base level.

Compared to general dentistry, which deals more in function and health of the teeth, cosmetic dentistry will deal more with issues of appearance or aesthetic. Your cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY will utilize procedures such as veneers, dental bridges, teeth whitening and more to help a patient achieve a smile that is visually stunning.

Now, that is not to say that sometimes there will not be an overlap in general and cosmetic concerns.

For example, Dr. Fu may place a dental bridge to help the appearance of the teeth. But by closing that gap, one may also see functional benefits- such as improved bite and speech.

As a doctor, first and foremost, we will not attempt to perform any cosmetic procedure if it is deemed too risky or if it could mean functional damage to other teeth. Other “general” or “advanced” dentistry steps may be taken beforehand in preparation to make the cosmetic procedure successful.

So why would a dentist choose to practice cosmetic dentistry?

Besides the growing popularity and demand for cosmetic dental options of all types, Dr. Fu, your top cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY truly believes in the power of the patient’s smile. By helping the patient achieve a smile they are visually satisfied with, he can instill so many positive feelings into that patient that you can’t even put a price tag on it. He believes if you can mend the outside you can improve the inside, and that is what matters most.

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