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December 13, 2015
7 yearsago

Dentist in Greenwich CT On Preventing Plaque’s Peril

Plaque is both the enemy of your amazing smile, and of your dentist in Greenwich CT.

Plaque builds up on the teeth after eating or drinking and doesn’t go away unless it is removed with your brush or with floss. Left untreated, the bacteria in plaque can release acids that eat away at the teeth- causing decay, or cavities. If plaque builds up along the gum line, it can cause your gums to bleed, inflame and for gum disease to set in. If gum disease isn’t treated then, other whole-body-health issues like heart disease and diabetes have been known to be a correlation.

It seems like an overwhelmingly big chain of reactions- but it all starts with the plaque. So what can you do besides see your dentist in Greenwich CT to help take care of your teeth? We will give you a hint- it heavily relies upon watching your diet and maintaining a consistent oral health routine.

For a full list of steps, you can follow to defeat and prevent plaque, you can Click Here.

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