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January 13, 2016
7 yearsago

Cosmetic Dentist Westchester NY on Relieving Stains

Stains on the teeth are something that NO patient desires. For that very reason, your cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY, Dr. Fu, offers the top of the line cosmetic treatments available, including teeth whitening and so much more.

Unfortunately, we do see that even for patients who undergo a cosmetic treatment- stains are never completely out of the picture. Sure, by eating healthy, brushing your teeth twice and day and coming into see your cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY, at least, two times a year you are bettering your odds- but these are not the only factors that come into play.

As we age, our teeth change just as our bodies do. That means they react differently to stimuli than they did when you were 20 years younger. Food, beverages, habits and more can all impact the shade of your teeth depending on a lot of factors, many of which can be summed up in an article we found here.

The most important thing we feel you can take away from this is that even though you can’t always control your teeth- do everything you can to try. Schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Westchester NY today to discuss teeth whitening and even routine cleaning and how it can prevent stains in the future.

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