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February 13, 2016
7 yearsago

Westchester NY Dentist on The Right Time for your Regimen

As most things in life, timing can sometimes be everything…even when it comes to dentistry. How often you visit your Westchester NY dentist…how often you brush your teeth…how long you brush for: all of these factors can play into your ultimate “dental destiny.”

To create these standard recommendations as it relates to timing and frequency, organizations like the ADA (American Dental Association) combine years of research and study with the knowledge and power of thousands upon thousands of oral health professionals, just like your Westchester NY dentist Dr. Fu. These care professionals rely upon the fact that most humans have some type of internal clock so that they will commit to these habits. Whether that is actually done or followed through on is up to each and every individual, though.

One area this advice can get a little cloudy is when it comes to flossing. Sure, you should be flossing once a day to help prevent all sorts of dental detriments…but should it be done before or after your brushing? That is the question.

The answer has more to do with behavioral science than you may think actually. Check out the following site to see what some experts (sort of inconclusively) believe: Dental Patient News.

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