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August 13, 2016
6 yearsago

Dentist near Greenwich CT Warns Patients about Severity of Gum Disease

One of the most, if not THE most, common health issue in the US is periodontal disease. While it may seem unlikely, there is a large majority of people who suffer from gum disease and face the consequences. This is more common than heart disease, stroke, or different forms of cancer. Below, your dentist serving Greenwich CT will share what gum disease is, why it’s important to monitor, and what you can do to protect your smile.

Periodontal disease had two different stages—gingivitis, which is a mild case, and periodontitis, which is an advanced case. This infection damages the gums and bone that support your teeth. When plaque hardens into tartar below the gum line, it makes the rest of your mouth, gums and tissues vulnerable. Combined with a poor diet and bad habits, the infection can spread much faster than you may think.

Unfortunately, many patients don’t recognize that they’re suffering from periodontal disease until it’s too late. There aren’t many extreme symptoms that patients will recognize are overtly dangerous. You’ll have red, swollen gums that will bleed when you brush your teeth, but this is something that patients ignore since they’re overall health isn’t reacting to the issue. For a majority of the symptoms, patients don’t think that they will warrant a visit to the dentist until something drastic happens, like extreme dental pain or tooth loss.

When periodontal disease gets to its advanced stages, there is no cure. This is why visiting our office bi-annually for your routine dental check-ups can help detect any early warning signs. Prevention is the best way to protect all of your teeth—brushing every morning and night, flossing, and having a proper diet will dramatically improve your oral and dental health.

We have periodontal treatment for patients who suffer from periodontitis, but it won’t completely remove the disease. You’ll want to frequently visit our office for extensive cleanings in order to protect your teeth from consistent pain.

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