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November 13, 2016
6 yearsago

Dentist Greenwich CT discusses the damage nuts can cause to teeth.

As the season of dry fruits arrives, none can be more scintillating and delicious than the wide variety of dry nuts at our disposal. But have you considered the jeopardy and harm against which you are exposing your teeth? While this may seem an exaggerated statement, despite the goodness and wholesomeness of dry nuts for health, this fruit can be typically devastating to your teeth.

The problem does not lie with the inner soft, juicy, and tasty fruit, but the outer hardcore shell. Unfortunately, most people have this habit of breaking a nut’s shell with their teeth, instead of breaking it with other solid material, such as a small hammer or nutcracker. The force and the shock of a sudden breaking of the shell puts much strain and pressure on our tooth nerves and can shatter its enamel.

People who use their teeth as tools to break or rip apart hard materials are likely to suffer from tooth fracture or weak tooth. This happens because our teeth are not made for tasks which involve ripping or breaking apart hard materials. Teeth are made to chew soft food and it is best if we confine them to this use only. It is not only limited to breaking up a nut’s shell but many people also directly use their teeth in doing things like:

  • Chewing and breaking ice cubes
  • Opening bottle caps
  • Opening packages by ripping them apart via teeth

The latest studies and professional dentist’s all around the world are in agreement that such bad habits may cause severe damage, and could even break or crack the tooth. In the case a tooth is fractured, the tooth nerve may also become infected by germs and could result in a root canal. The patient may also need to replace the tooth completely by getting help from a cosmetic dentistry solution.

So, to avoid such a scenario, make sure that this year while you enjoy a huge appetite of hard dry fruits, avoid using your teeth to break off the shells and use some other solid material in their place. Remember, ensuring healthy dental habits is your responsibility so adhere fully to it, for your own benefit and safety.


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