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January 13, 2017
6 yearsago

Westchester NY Dentist discusses the benefits of Mouth Guard

A mouth guard, also known as mouth protector, is a flexible covering worn over teeth to provide protection against impact or other injuries. It is often worn by athletes during their games or those suffering from bruxism or teeth grinding. The mouth guard usually covers the upper teeth. However, those with a protruding jaw or those who wear braces, retainers, and other dentures may wear it on their lower teeth.

The benefits of wearing a mouth guard are the following:

  1. Protection for the teeth

    The number one reason why mouth guards are worn is to protect the teeth from damage. In contact sports, a blow to the mouth is not uncommon. When this happens, the force of the impact is absorbed by teeth or jaw. The impact can cause tooth fracture, tooth dislodgement, or damage to the existing dental work such as dental crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, etc.

    A sports mouth guard can help dissipate the force of impact. Its spongy quality helps absorb the energy of the blow while its stiffness distributes the energy of a traumatic force over a larger area. These effects will lessen the load on each tooth, thus, reduces the probability of any tooth damage.

  2. Protection of the Soft Tissues such as Lips, Cheeks, and Gums

    The mouth guard also protects the soft tissues of the mouth by the similar way it does when protecting the teeth. The mouth guard absorbs most of the traumatic blow, therefore, less energy is only left to impact the soft tissues.

  3. Protection of the Jaw

    A blow on the mouth might not only damage the teeth but also cause brain injury. Mouth guards help prevent this by serving as a shock absorber and by hampering the hinge of the lower jaw from being pushed into the base of the brain during impact.

  4. Psychological Benefit

    There is a psychological benefit of wearing mouth guard, and that is to make athletes more aggressive knowing any blow to the mouth will not cause much injury.

    Mouth guards are an essential protective gear for athletes offering protection of the teeth. Moreover, Mouth guards also help those people with bruxism in preserving their teeth.


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