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January 17, 2020
3 yearsago

porcelain crown chester hill dentistry rye nySomeone says, “I have to get a crown,” and you automatically think, “They must have had root canal therapy.” Certainly, root canal therapy and crowns are a common pair, but porcelain crowns are capable of so much more. This dental restoration is versatile and strong, making it a smart cosmetic dentistry solution as well as restorative smile makeover solution.

1. Strengthen a Weak Tooth

Some people have weak tooth enamel, whether it’s on all their teeth or just one tooth. If you have a toot that is susceptible to damage because it isn’t very strong, a porcelain crown can be fitted to cover the tooth and give it new life. Porcelain is incredibly durable and strengthens teeth so they are strong and sturdy. A personalized porcelain crown makes it possible for you to bite and chew without worrying about the solidity of a weak tooth.

2. Repair a Fractured Tooth

When a tooth is broken, chipped, cracked, or fractured in any way, it’s essential to correct the damage as soon as possible. Covering up the problem protects the tooth from being further compromised and prevents it from an invasion of bacteria or food particles that go inside the tooth, fester, and cause infections. With a porcelain crown, you can repair everything that’s wrong with the structure of your tooth so it is once again complete.

3. Reshape a Misshapen Tooth

Whether jagged, small, or just wonky-looking, a tooth that sticks out for its differences – and not good differences – distracts from the beauty of your overall smile. A porcelain crown can be designed to cover an unsightly tooth, shaped to match the rest of your teeth, and blend in to complete your smile.

4. Hide Tooth Discoloration

Sometimes teeth simply won’t respond to professional teeth whitening. Even the most powerful bleaching products can’t change the color of a tooth that is naturally yellowish in color or has darker dentin underneath or that has been stained by antibiotics. You could opt for porcelain veneers to correct your teeth, or alter just one tooth using a customized porcelain crown.

5. Anchor a Dental Bridge

When you have a hole in your smile because of a missing tooth, there are many possible repairs. Some people opt for dental implants, others choose the very reliable dental bridge. The bridge itself stretches around the missing tooth and is clasped to the teeth on either side of the space and is then anchored in place with two porcelain crowns.

6. Protect an Infected Tooth

And, of course, that brings us back to the root canal therapy. If you have an infected tooth that requires treatment to relieve it of infection or decay, you may need a porcelain crown to cover the parts of the tooth that needed to be shaved away for the repairs. A crown gets the job done and protects the infected tooth from further problems.

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