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April 18, 2023
12 monthsago
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When you have missing teeth, it’s so important to fill those holes in your smile. One missing tooth may not seem like that big of a deal, especially if it’s a difficult-to-see molar, but every tooth in your mouth has a role to play. Its absence can be the difference between strong oral health and a lifetime of dental complications. When you opt for dental implants, you change your smile permanently and give yourself a healthy smile, among a host of other benefits.

1. Look Better

One of the biggest benefits for a dental implant recipient is that they’ll look better when dental implants take the place of missing teeth. Their smile will be complete and their face will only draw attention because of great teeth, not a broken-down smile.

What many people don’t realize is that the rest of their face will also benefit. When the jaw is properly supported and facial tissues are enhanced thanks to dental implants, you’ll avoid a sagging, hollow appearance and instead look younger. Dental implants are a natural-looking smile makeover solution in multiple ways.

2. Restore Functionality

Missing teeth means it can be difficult to bite and chew easily. With dental implants in place, your entire smile is solid and secure and you can chomp down on an apple, steak, or any chewy or crunchy foods without worry.

3. Speak Confidently

When anything is wrong with the appearance of your smile, confidence takes a hit. Speaking up is probably not something you do without coaxing, but when you have restorative dentistry like dental implants, a complete smile delivers the self-belief you need.

4. Improve the Strength of All Your Teeth

Dental implants are such a powerful restoration they impact not only the teeth they’re replacing but neighboring teeth too. You will have stronger adjacent teeth if you put an implant where there is a space. Other teeth are less likely to shift out of their proper positions to compensate for the absence of other roots and crowns, eliminating tissue damage.

5. Have Better Oral Health

Once implants are in place, you don’t have to do anything special to keep up with the treatment. Brush and floss normally and see your dentist every six months. You’ll be in a great position for current and ongoing good oral health.

Consider Your Restorative Dentistry Options

Restorative dentistry comes in many shapes and sizes so there is always something that works for a person’s budget, comfort level, and oral health needs. While dental implants are the ideal solution for many patients, others feel better with a restoration like a dental bridge or partial dentures.

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