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July 13, 2015
7 yearsago

Dentist Greenwich CT Talks about Tooth Discoloration

Everybody says that the foods and drinks that are the worst for you are the ones that taste the best. Sadly, this may be true for many people. These items are certain delicious, whether they’re paired with something or you’re simply enjoying it by itself, but they can cause unfortunate staining on your teeth. People can be terribly self-conscious about their smile because of the color of their teeth and your dentist Greenwich CT location wants you to know what foods to pass up on so the staining doesn’t happen to you.


Since it’s summertime and the heat may be unbearable, nothing sounds better than a nice, cool ice pop! But these flavor-filled treats are filled with dyes that can stain your teeth, tongue, and lips. They’re also filled with sugars that attack your teeth and can trigger sharp, sensitive pains in your teeth from the cold temperature. You’re better off just skipping out on these pops altogether.

Tomato Sauce

Paired with your favorite noodles, tomato sauce can pack a lot of delicious flavors, combined with the right herbs and spices. But the sauce is filled with highly acidic tomatoes, which can cause some tough stains. If this one meal you can’t live without, then use a light amount of the sauce and be sure to drink a lot of water to substitute the wine you may be pairing your meal with it (the wine just adds to the acidity).

Hard Candies

Many children love to eat candies like lollipops simply because it changes their tongue a different color, but the same thing happens to their teeth, as well. Just like popsicles, candies are filled with dyes that will stick around much longer than you want them to. Hard candies are also dangerous for your teeth because people are likely to bite down on them, which can crack or even break their teeth!

There are plenty of other foods and drinks that should be avoided because of the damage that it does to your teeth. A great tip for most of these is to carry around sugar free gum and drink a lot of water after each meal so the high amount of acidity is diminished as much as it can be before you’re able to brush your teeth.

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