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August 13, 2015
7 yearsago

Dentist in Greenwich CT on Top Whitening Ways

Whenever your smile shifts shades due to age or dietary choices, your top dentist in Greenwich CT can save the day with our in-office or take-home teeth whitening treatments.

Of course, we understand if you don’t always have the time to make it into office, and also get it if you don’t want to mess around with in-store whitening products either. Regardless of the case, today we have provided you with some top ways to whiten and brighten your smile naturally!

Drink More Water- something as simple as adding water to your diet can actually help brighten your smile tremendously. Water not only stimulates saliva production in the mouth, which is responsible in part for protecting the enamel and washing away lingering food particles, but simulates these very benefits as well.

Eat More/Eat Less- add fruits and vegetables to your diet. They give the mouth a boost of enamel saving vitamins and minerals, plus more fibrous options such as celery and broccoli can scrub the stains off the teeth. Eat less sugary or acidic dietary options. These can wear away the enamel and cause decay/disease over time. The longer your enamel is intact, the longer your smile can stay nice and white.

Quit Your Vice- tobacco and alcohol can stain the teeth with dark pigments or ingredients like tar and nicotine. Not only that, but they also can dehydrate the mouth severely. You can suffer the same effects from a lack of saliva as previously mentioned in this case.

Brush and Floss- make sure you brush twice and floss once daily to not only keep your general oral health great but to scrub away any staining agents you may be faced with during your day.

For more information on how to reclaim or keep your smile nice and pearly white, contact your dentist in Greenwich CT today to schedule an appointment! We can be reached at (914) 939-2132.


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