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August 13, 2015
7 yearsago

Westchester NY Dentist Provides Insight for Patients Who May Experience a Dental Emergency

Everybody’s aware that dental emergencies can be scary. Sometimes we forget that if we don’t take proper care of our teeth, then something bad may happen to them. Whether it’s an accident, sports-related injury, or another instance, patients may not know how to proper handle the emergency. Your Westchester NY dentist is here to explain different dental emergencies and how to measure the situation.

One of the most troubling dental situations to understand is when you have a toothache. Sometimes it’s an emergency, but sometimes it’s something that can wait until the next day. Toothaches can be caused by drinking or eating something with an extreme temperature, whether it’s hot or cold. Another reason for a toothache could be that there’s a cavity in your teeth that can be causing a lot of damage because it hasn’t been looked at or taken care of. Your best option is to contact your dentist’s office as soon as possible to describe your symptoms and listen to what they believe is the best decision.

If you’re feeling some sort of swelling in your mouth, it’s best to contact your dentist as soon as you can, as well. If there’s swelling in your mouth, usually around the gums, then this is probably a sign of an infection. When your gums are swollen, tender, red, and possibly bleeding, then you could be experiencing gingivitis or perhaps periodontitis if it’s severe. While gingivitis is reversible, periodontitis is not, so as soon as you feel any sort of discomfort or notice something that’s off with your gums, make an appointment!

When it comes to noticeable issues like a chip or break, then see your dentist when it’s convenient for you, but make sure it’s soon. If there’s pain, then go to your dentist or to an emergency room as soon as possible. For breaks and chips, these can be repaired by means of cosmetic dentistry to restore your tooth back to normal.

A true dental emergency is when one of your teeth or multiple teeth fall out, whether it’s because of an accident or other dental-related injuries. It’s important to preserve that tooth if it’s possible and keep it moist until you’re able to reach your dentist or an emergency room.

Avoiding most of these issues are possible if you regularly keep up your daily dental routine while also making appointments for your bi-annual check-ups. Contact your Westchester NY dentist by calling (914) 939-2132 or clicking here to request an appointment today.


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