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August 13, 2015
7 yearsago

Why Nothing Beats Rye Brook NY Teeth Whitening

While a visit to your Rye Brook NY dentist for a teeth whitening appointment may be the best means of getting a brighter smile, we are sure that you know there are other whitening options available.

From in-store products to our own in-office or take-home treatments, today we will be comparing all of these whitening methods to discover what could be the best one for you!

Whitening toothpaste have become one of the most popular methods of whitening the teeth at home these days, but how effective can they really be?

Most of these pastes do in-fact work in whitening the smile to an extent by utilizing one of two different methods. The pastes with the small plastic whitening beads in their ingredients will whiten the teeth by scrubbing away surface stains as you brush. These beads have come into some controversy as of late, as their overall impact on the human body is not yet clear. Fewer companies and consumers are looking at this type of paste as an option.

Secondly, some whitening pastes work by having active ingredients that can actually color balance the teeth. They basically have a blue tint to them that makes the typically yellow stained teeth, whiter. No matter the type of paste you choose, they usually can take from 2 to 6 weeks to show any progress, and do not necessarily last very long.

Whitening strips are another very popular option that seemingly launched the “at-home whitening craze” years ago. Again, they do deliver some ability to whiten the teeth, but overall have ingredients less powerful than the ones utilized by your Rye Brook NY teeth whitening dentist.

By either treating you in-office or sending you home with one our special take-home kits, you will be getting the most efficient and impactful treatment available today. We use medically approved bleach and chemicals to change the shade of your teeth in as little as one session in-office, or in a few simple nights with a take-home kit.

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