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April 10, 2018
5 yearsago

smile makeover chester hillYour career keeps you busy, which doesn’t leave you much time to invest in your skills and education so you can maintain your marketability. If only there were an easier way to stay ahead of the pack, to stand out, to show that you’re capable. There is. A smile makeover can transform your career. And here are just six reasons why.

1. You will look important.

When your smile is white and in alignment, it’s like a power suit. Your smile speaks volumes about your station in life and in your career. Even if you’re in an entry-level position, having a flawless smile will make others see you as a worthwhile investment, treat you with respect, and open doors that might otherwise have stayed closed.

2. You will look smarter.

If you’re proud of your teeth and know they look good, you’re far more likely to open your mouth at work and contribute when it really counts. Everyone will be looking at you as you say your piece, and your smile will be so dazzling the words that come out of your mouth will be filled with that much more conviction. A smile can help you speak with great authority, be persuasive, and it will make you look more trustworthy. If you believe in your own strengths and abilities, others will too.

3. You will look healthier.

Whether you have a desk job or a job out in the field, no employer wants to see an employee or job candidate who doesn’t have the stamina or ability to manage their work. When your smile is in excellent condition, you will exude good health. Even a one-hour, teeth-whitening treatment can be enough to brighten your enamel and give your smile new life. If others see that you take such good care of yourself, they’ll realize that you appreciate the details and will take good care of them too.

4. You will make a memorable first impression.

If you’re interviewing for a new job, you know how important that first impression is. A firm handshake, unwavering eye contact, and a big smile are all essential physical cues that show a potential employee your worth. If you’re unlikely to smile wide because your teeth embarrass you, that straight face or small, close-mouthed grin could have others interpreting that you’re reticent or disinterested. Don’t send the wrong message because you’re ashamed of your smile.

5. You will be more attractive.

Looks matter, especially in careers where you find yourself in front of people every day. If you make the effort to get everything just right with your appearance as you prep for work every day – from clothes to hair to face to accessories – a flawless smile is an essential part of your ensemble. If you are nice to look at, and your teeth are too, you’ll find yourself climbing ladders quite quickly.

6. You will look younger.

Youth and beauty are valued attributes in the world, especially when it comes to career. If you undergo a completely smile transformation with, say, porcelain veneers, you will look younger. Veneers can mask a multitude of sins, including chips, cracks, misalignment, gaps, stains, and more. A revitalized smile, especially if your teeth were broken down, is a ticket to success, no matter what field you’re in. A great smile is evidence that you have vitality and are just as capable as anyone else.

Get Your Customized Smile Makeover

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that 74 percent of Americans believe an unattractive smile can have a negative impact on their career success. Don’t let this happen to you when a smile makeover is within your grasp.

Smile makeovers are customized to each patient, whether you need one procedure or several procedures to turn your teeth into something amazing. Get ready to give your career an unparalleled boost. Schedule your smile makeover consultation with Dr. Chi Fu at Chester Hill Dentistry to find out what your smile makeover can look like.


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