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April 26, 2022
7 monthsago

Porcelain crowns are both a cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry treatment, not only repairing but beautifying teeth. When you have an oral health problem that requires significant dental care, or you have an aesthetic issue that you want to cover up, a porcelain crown can be the answer in both circumstances.

Here are just some of the problems porcelain crowns can fix:

1. A Really Big Cavity

Not all cavities can be repaired with a tooth-colored filling. If decay is deep enough, wide enough, and big enough that getting rid of it doesn’t leave much tooth structure behind, you need a more robust solution to preserve the tooth. That repair comes in the form of a porcelain crown. Once all the decay is drilled and scraped away, your dentist will make the call about whether your tooth can support a filling or is better off with a customized crown.

2. An Infected Tooth

Many people associate crowns with root canal therapy, which is normal as the two are a common pair. When a tooth is deeply infected and it must be altered so your dentist can reach its root canals and remove the infection, it can’t be put back together to look the way it used to. The next best step is a porcelain crown which covers up the treated area, prevents additional problems from developing, and makes the tooth healthy and sturdy again.

3. A Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Tooth

When a tooth has a crack or break, it can often be treated with dental bonding for a quick and easy repair. In the most severe cases, though, this kind of material may not be durable enough or long-lasting enough to revitalize and stabilize a heavily compromised tooth. The worst tooth damage is best covered up with a customized crown that reinforces a tooth’s strength and builds it back into the shape and size it’s meant to be.

4. A Stained Tooth

It’s easy to assume that professional teeth whitening is powerful enough to get the stains and discoloration out of any tooth. While this formula works on many teeth, there are some that are so deeply discolored they cannot be whitened with even the most aggressive bleaching. In cases of tetracycline stains and the like, a carefully customized porcelain crown can cover the unsightliness and toughen the tooth simultaneously so its color can finally blend into neighboring teeth.

5. A Crooked Tooth

Do you have one or two teeth that are slightly crooked and have always interrupted your smile? Maybe there’s one wonky tooth that stands out more than the rest of your teeth. You don’t have to get braces to get the alignment you want. One carefully structured crown and carefully prepped tooth can cover up what you dislike and give you that perfectly aligned smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Get a Porcelain Crown at Dentist Near Me in Rye, NY

If there is something you dislike about your smile, don’t assume that a major cosmetic dentistry treatment is needed to make it look good. A carefully constructed porcelain crown can turn your smile into something amazing. Ask your Rye, NY, dentist at Chester Hill Dentistry whether this procedure can work for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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